Dan Ledbetter Photography | CHCA Formal Portrait Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your Formal Senior Portrait


  • How can I find my portrait? All the photographs are arranged in alphabetical order by last name. When you open the gallery you can go through the pages until you find your photos; OR, more expeditiously, you can use the search field (magnify glass icon) in the upper right hand corner of the web page by typing in the last name.

  • How do I go about selecting my favorite for the yearbook/composite and notifying the photographer of my selection? You can find those instructions here.

  • How do I get the photographs for which I pre-paid?  The photograph you share with us for the yearbook/composite is the photo for which you will have prepaid. To redeem your pre-purchase, you must go through the actual purchase process, selecting the Buy button above the photo and choosing the Packages category; and, then, based upon your prepurchase, use one of the following discount codes upon check-out:
    • ​chca40: if you paid $40.00 for the session and 1-8x10
    • chca55: if you paid $55.00 for the session and 1-8x10 and 2-5x7s
    • chca69: if you paid $69.00 for the session and 1-8x10, 2-5x7s, and 16-wallets.

  • What if I cannot remember what I prepaid? Please contact us by email at dan@danledbetterphotography.com, and we will check our records and email you that information.

  • Can I buy additional photos? Yes. Click on the Buy button above the photo and click on Select Product and the category from which you wish to place an order. If this purchase includes your prepurchased package, once you apply the coupon, the balance will reflect what is due upon check-out.

  • Are the photographs retouched? The photo that you choose for the yearbook/composite is retouched, which includes blemish removal, stray hair removal, teeth whitening, and eye brightening. If you order photos from another pose, you must select Blemish Removal under Other Products. You must select Blemish Removal for each new pose from which you place an order. The retouching for each new pose applies to all the photo products you order from that pose.


  • ​Why haven't I received my repurchased photos? An oft-repeated mistake is believing that sending your Favorite selection for the yearbook/composite automatically triggers your pre-purchased package to be processed and mailed. You must go through the order process to redeem your purchase, using one of the aforementioned coupon codes.


  • Why doesn't the coupon code work? First, the code is case-sensitive. Also, the code is specifically for a package and not individual prints. Please go here to see How to Order A Package.


  • What about retakes? During your scheduled session, you will be shown the photographs for your approval. We can take additional photos if you wish. If later you wish a retake, there is an additional $25.00 fee if you schedule during one of the four designated CHCA formal portrait sessions. If is necessary to schedule a retake at a time other than during one of the four designated CHCA formal sessions, the retake fee is $99.00.